RDF and SPARQL: What's new in December 2020?
Published on 24 Dec 2020

In December 2020, we shipped two releases that bring several bug fixes to issues reported by our users and a small improvement. Enjoy!

rdf-and-sparql release-notes

RDF and SPARQL: What's new in November 2020?
Published on 07 Nov 2020

The update is a really small, it adds a small, but we hope a useful, feature, and fixes some bugs in the formatter for SPARQL. Enjoy!

rdf-and-sparql release-notes

What's new in 203.200, 202.400 and 2020.4.10?
Published on 18 Oct 2020

Wow! Just 2 weeks after the previous release, but that’s because the new one contains only bug fixes. Anyway that’s great because the fixes are for the bugs discovered by our users.

rdf-and-sparql release-notes