In May 2021, we’re happy to announce a major release of the RDF and SPARQL plugin with a bunch of new features and improvements. Some notable features: ShExC 2.1 language, SPARQL 1.1 Update, SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store, and much more. Enjoy!

Release Notes

  • Support of the RDF 1.1 N-Triples, RDF 1.1 N-Quads formats,
  • Support of the ShExC 2.1 language,
  • Execution of the SPARQL 1.1 Update operation,
  • Upload of an RDF file to a SPARQL endpoint over the SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol,
    • open an RDF file, e.g. Turtle one,
    • do the right click in or on the file to open the popup and choose Upload to...,
    • you will see a dialog where you choose the destination.
  • Export of SPARQL query results for CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE query forms to an RDF file, e.g. Turtle, N-Triples, etc.
  • Change the formatting indent for predicate lists and similar constructs, see examples below:
  • Extend the code folding patterns to blank nodes (i.e [...]) and RDF collections (i.e. (...)),
  • Change the SPARQL endpoint selector for SPARQL files, see the screenshot below:
  • Implement caching of prefix declarations, so prefix declaration is faster and requires less computation,
  • Extend the automatic prefix declaration for unknown prefix labels feature to other languages, i.e. Turtle, TriG and ShExC,
  • Support of the ontology mirrors for local indexing of RDFS/OWL ontologies, see in Settings -> RDF and SPARQL -> Ontology Mirrors,
  • Implement the rerun button in the Service views, so that a SPARQL query could be re-executed on the same endpoint on Ctrl+Enter,
  • Add a configuration option to use PREFIX-based prefix declaration in RDF files, instead of @prefix-based one,
  • Fix .idea/rdfandsparql.xml, so that only project related configuration are stored there.
  • Fix a bunch of other minor issues thus improving overall user experience.

JetBrains IDE Version Support

We discontinue active support of the 201.x, 202.x, 203.x version ranges of JetBrains IDEs, and the new release will be available only starting from the 211.x version range. If you use an earlier version, please, upgrade or write us to get an extended support.


We’d like to say a big thank you to our active users reporting issues and requesting features. Thanks to Tomasz, Boris, darrix1 and all anonymous ones! You’re the best!