In June 2021, we’ve delivered several improvements as well as fixes to the issues reported by our users. Thanks to them!

Release Notes

  • We improved error messages of connection problems with SPARQL execution, etc. So from now on you should see more human-friendly messages without JVM specific details, although with the same amount of useful information.
  • We improved formatting of blank nodes in SPARQL, Turtle and TriG, so that the formatting is more consistent regardless of whether blank node is first one in the object list or not.
  • We set the default limit on the number of query results returned by a SPARQL execution to 1000 to ensure stability of the IDE. Frequently with a higher number of query results you could encounter the out-of-memory exception and subsequent crash of the IDE.
  • We introduce completion suggestions for prefix labels of the prefixes declared in file. Enjoy! :)
  • We introduce highlighting of unused prefix declarations in SPARQL and later we’re going to enable the same for the rest of formats if it gets enough interest in SPARQL.


We’d like to say a big thank you to our active users reporting issues and requesting features. Thanks to Tomasz, Sergey and all anonymous ones! You’re the best!