New year, new features and improvements! This is the first release that includes RDF-star and SPARQL-star support. This new specification is an important step for the community and we’re happy to support it with our plugin.

Release Notes

Example of SPARQL-star query
  • We introduce Languages & Frameworks -> RDF and SPARQL -> Vocabularies section in the IDE settings to configure locally indexed vocabularies. You can provide a custom download URL, check when the vocabulary was downloaded, etc.
Configuration of DBpedia ontology
  • We also introduce Languages & Frameworks -> RDF and SPARQL -> Quick Documentation section to select the preferred language for the quick documentation and inlay hints. Now it should be easier to work with multilingual vocabularies.
  • Vocabularies may change over time, therefore we introduce the Refresh vocabulary in local index action to refresh a vocabulary in the local index. Press Alt+Enter on the prefix definition to see the action.
Refresh RDF Schema in local index

At the end we fixed some issues:

  • Fix HTTP Proxy support for all features doing HTTP requests.
  • Fix Optimize Prefix Declarations (Ctrl+O) in case of the empty prefix label.
  • Fix Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) for prefixed name completion suggestions and others.

That’s all for now! As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback. Book a call with us at Calendly or write an email.


We’d like to thank again our active users reporting issues and requesting features. You’re the best!